Kelly Sanford: How are the men in bed by age

Friday, December 13, 2013

How are the men in bed by age

If you want a great lover , you should know how men are in bed by age to get their best. Although sexual energy depends more on personal motivation than age , there are certain stages of life in which men are more vigorous.

Sexologists believe that 20 years are most sexually active time. Are longing , desire and energy. Although inexperienced , they want to learn. His fantasy is to have great relationships with older women.
At age 30 , men no longer want to waste time. They care more about quality than quantity . They have experience , but due to work stress or other responsibilities may have little sexual desire.
From 40 to 50 years, men seek new stimuli. They know how to please women , but for the fear of being already very large, have fear of not satisfying your partner or cause sexual apathy.
Now that you know how men are in bed by age, you can evaluate the pros and cons and choose your best sexual partner.

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