Kelly Sanford: June 2013

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Tips to wear spring dresses

Whenever spring approaches we see the lovely dresses that are created especially for this season, the weather keeps getting nicer and it's time to shelve wear pants and dresses start.

Today we share with you some wonderful tips to look to perfection spring dresses.

- Long or short: Short dresses are exclusive to the summer season, but are designed for high temperature days does not mean you can not take a spring afternoon. But for those women who do not like showing their legs completely wearing a mini dress, spring dresses are ideal maxivestidos these look beautiful and feel better for all women.

- Textures: The fabrics define the season for which the dress design, if we have a piece of velvet obviously we can not use it on a sunny day. In spring time the ideal fabrics for dresses are cotton, chiffon, lace and fabrics.

- Color and prints: The floral prints are ideal for spring, but if you want to opt out of the ordinary for the different types of animal print. As for colors choose warm tones and vivid.