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Friday, December 13, 2013

Kill the oldest animal in the world for research

The oldest animal in the world turned out to be even older than the researchers who discovered it in 2006.

This is Ming, an arctic clam Iceland declared as the oldest animal in the world with 405 , but seven years later , scientists revealed that actually had more than 100 years had determined.
Scientists investigating the vital clam length confessed that it was they who ended their life by opening the shell of the mollusk to examine , according to the news portal ABC.es.
The confusion of the true age of Ming is due to a flaw in the calculations to determine with certainty since the years of the mollusk counted the rings on the outside and inside of the shell, similar to calculating the age of trees process .
Opening the shell Ming, when she was found , scientists inevitably killed the clam, but had never imagined that over 200 years .
Now , seven years later, researchers have they realized that some 100 rings were left untold, because given the advanced age of Ming, many of the rings were compressed .
" The age has been confirmed by several methods , you inluídas geometric techniques such as carbon -14 method . I'm sure this vex have found the correct age . If there is any error, it may only be for a year or two , "said Rob Wibaard , marine biologist at the Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research.
Using Ming and other clams that have been collected , researchers aim to establish changes in environmental conditions such as the temperature of the sea water , salinity and food availability for the past centuries.
According Wibaard , the chemical composition of the shell will reveal the clues needed to determine the conditions mentioned above .
" Our research provides unique information. Using the techniques employed , offer data on sea temperature year by year from a period before there were records , "said the biologist.
Meanwhile, although the end of Ming can be considered somewhat premature, researchers say individuals of the same species with longer life yet to be found . "
"We found a total of 200 similar to Ming in our expedition in Iceland clams " claimed Paul Butler, one of the lead authors of the research.

Important tool to all

A new high-resolution map showing the current state of forests in the world has been created with the help of Google Earth .

The interactive tool is posted on the Internet for public access and the ability to focus on local detail with a high level of accuracy, resolution of 30 meters stands .
The map traces the history of the foliage of trees worldwide from 2000 through 2012, based on 650 thousand satellite images Landsat 7.
At this time , the Earth lost a total forest area the size of Mongolia, to cover as many trees as six times a country like UK .
Brazil's progress in reducing deforestation was offset by losses in Indonesia, Malaysia, Paraguay , Bolivia , Zambia and Angola, according to a study published in the journal Science.
"This is the first map of forest change that is consistent globally and locally relevant ," says Matthew Hansen , University of Maryland, who led the project that produced the map.
"What a single computer would have taken 15 years completed in a matter of days using the Google Earth Engine digital tool."
The paper reports a number of important findings on forest changes between 2000-2012 based on satellite images.
Earth lost 2.3 million square kilometers of forest in that period due to logging, fires, pests and storms.
But the planet also won new 800,000 square kilometers of forest , representing a net loss of 1.5 million square kilometers in total.
Brazil showed the greatest degree of improvement in all countries to halve their annual forest loss between 2003-2004 and 2010-2011 .
The map , however, has a desface almost a year since records changes in this year , precisely when Brazil experienced an increase in deforestation rate compared to the previous year, as reported by the Brazilian government.
Indonesia , meanwhile , has the largest increase in deforestation , doubling its annual loss to 20,000 square kilometers in 2011-12.
In the U.S. , the rate of disruption of Southeast forests was four times higher than the jungles of South America: missed 31% of the forest cover.
Paraguay , Malaysia and Cambodia have the highest national rates of loss. In total , the disappearance of tropical forests is increasing at about 12,000 square kilometers a year , researchers say .
The map, which will be updated annually , can be a useful tool to assess the effectiveness of forest management programs tool.
You can also serve environmental groups to monitor the impact of deforestation , including threats to diversity, carbon storage and climate change .
"This new observation strategy can provide for the first time to a global- scale transparency to monitor progress towards a real reduction in deforestation ," says Daniel Zarin , the Climate and Land Use Alliance.

Three Tips to Avoid Neck Pain at Work

Pain in the neck area is the most common complaint among people who work sitting at a computer most of the day , says chiropractor Alfredo Diaz.

This is mainly due to poor posture which sometimes acquires product of fatigue or lack of problems that can cause " bad sit ."
" The muscles react according to the position that you give the body to the position you give the neck. Therefore it is important to get a chiropractic adjustment , knowing the position of the spine and improve posture of the person for relief , "says Diaz.
To leave behind the neck pain that often ruins your day , the chiropractor said that there are three important rules that you must follow . The first is to always stick the buttocks back of the chair when you sit . "When a space between the buttocks and the backrest will always be problems in the lower back is left ," says Diaz.
The second rule is to keep your shoulders back and put right back. " If the peripheral view we are seeing means that the shoulders are very forward and there is a hump , so we throw them back until they disappear from view ," he suggests .
Finally , you must maintain centralized inward head on the neck , because if you bring your head forward weight ranges between 20 and 30 pounds. " If you let her dress over her shoulders weighs only 10 pounds and the body is apt to spoil the weight ," he says .
In addition , a chiropractic adjustment will help keep the vertebrae aligned and frees the nervous system of interference, which could decrease the ability of body movement. Before having a fit, the person must undergo chiropractic radiographs to know further what conditions is the backbone .
"Everyone should receive chiropractic care because the column is well dynamics. As all the time are moving at any time can become misaligned , it can compress a nerve and that the problems begin. The chiropractic adjustment is to correct not only a pain but to correct interference to the nervous system and your body can continue to function properly , "says Diaz , who said that it is best done a month chiropractic adjustment if necessary .

How much should you drink coffee ?

We all wonder how much coffee should you drink a day, as this is a favorite drink to wake up . Many are accustomed to drinking several cups during the day but do not know if we excediéndonos . To no longer have doubts , here say how much coffee you should drink a day. Notes !

According to a recent study published in the journal Mayo Clinic Proceedings, if you are under 55 years cafépuedes consume much damage your health.
To reach this conclusion, we work with a sample of 43 thousand people. The study lasted 16 years. The authors found that people who consumed more than 28 cups of coffee a week were 21% more likely to die young . This percentage increases when it is closer to 40.
Managers of the study indicate that the ideal is to consume one or two cups of coffee a day . Thus, our body will reap the benefits of this drink.
How many cups of coffee you drink a day?

How are the men in bed by age

If you want a great lover , you should know how men are in bed by age to get their best. Although sexual energy depends more on personal motivation than age , there are certain stages of life in which men are more vigorous.

Sexologists believe that 20 years are most sexually active time. Are longing , desire and energy. Although inexperienced , they want to learn. His fantasy is to have great relationships with older women.
At age 30 , men no longer want to waste time. They care more about quality than quantity . They have experience , but due to work stress or other responsibilities may have little sexual desire.
From 40 to 50 years, men seek new stimuli. They know how to please women , but for the fear of being already very large, have fear of not satisfying your partner or cause sexual apathy.
Now that you know how men are in bed by age, you can evaluate the pros and cons and choose your best sexual partner.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Tips to wear spring dresses

Whenever spring approaches we see the lovely dresses that are created especially for this season, the weather keeps getting nicer and it's time to shelve wear pants and dresses start.

Today we share with you some wonderful tips to look to perfection spring dresses.

- Long or short: Short dresses are exclusive to the summer season, but are designed for high temperature days does not mean you can not take a spring afternoon. But for those women who do not like showing their legs completely wearing a mini dress, spring dresses are ideal maxivestidos these look beautiful and feel better for all women.

- Textures: The fabrics define the season for which the dress design, if we have a piece of velvet obviously we can not use it on a sunny day. In spring time the ideal fabrics for dresses are cotton, chiffon, lace and fabrics.

- Color and prints: The floral prints are ideal for spring, but if you want to opt out of the ordinary for the different types of animal print. As for colors choose warm tones and vivid.